All of our Survival Instructors at South West Survival have many years of experience providing survival training and bushcraft courses to people from all walks of life. Our survival instructors can tailor a course to suit your needs and deliver a survival training course that meets the requirements of all of the people who will be taking part in the survival training course.

We can provide you with a survival training and bushcraft course that matches up with your level of experience catering for everybody from civilians with no experience looking for team building exercises, scouts and cadets looking for an introduction to Survival training and bushcraft to military personnel with plenty of experience looking to improve the skills that you already have.

We will get your team to gel together into an effective team teaching you the skills you need to survive in the wild in a fun filled course that can last from one day to a full week depending on your needs

Steven Kelly at South West Survival
Steven kelly at South West Survival

Steven is the head instructor and founder of South west Survival and has trained and instructed weapons, survival and bushcraft skills in the British army for 16 years, working in Afghanistan, Norway, and Sierra Leone, Steven is also PTTLS,CTTLS trained, SERE, mountain first aid and CRB checked.

Steven has a passion for teaching and is truly happy when outdoors, and he hopes to be able to impart that knowledge on those who wish to learn.


Steven has been on numerous survival courses in the army gaining valuable experience but maintains you can never know enough and continues to learn and practice new skills when and wherever he can.

Steven has a lot of hobbies which include hill walking, camping and ultramarathon running.

Steven is a full time British soldier serving in 29 Commando regt RA.

Steven started his love of all things out doors when he was a cadet and the army was the natural progression from there.

He started south west survival to pass on his skills and to keep bush craft alive.


Steven Kelly doing survival training
steven kelly in 29 commando regiment