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Lost Adventurer

An exciting day run by South West Survival. The children will learn some survival, bushcraft and wilderness and navigation skills. There will be lots of military style outdoor activities to keep you entertained throughout the day finishing off with a man hunt (Camouflage and Concealment).

The day will start with team building activities, then shown how to make a shelter using a poncho and what is available from the woods.

Next comes fire lighting, one the most exciting parts of the day. You will be practising various fire lighting techniques, such as using electricity, flint and steel and bow saw .

There will be a quick lesson in navigation and then we will do the bush tucker trial for your lunch, eating big insects!

After lunch, we will be doing military style activities cam and con, a man hunt.

10:00 - 17:00

Group Limitations

Group Max of 30 people, Minimum age 8 ( younger if parents stay)

Start Your Adventure, Today

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