steven kelly at south west survival

Survival and bushcraft skills today are almost a forgotten Art, simple things such as lighting a fire in the wild with just a flint are skills that are being lost in this very modern world in which we live in, indeed when was the last time you built a shelter or a raft, how about catching, killing, preparing and cooking your tea on the fire you made and lit?

These are skills that our ancestors used and prospered by mastering them. Survival and bushcraft can also really bring out the best in people, it will challenge and show hidden resilience and toughness, it can develop a great attitude, determination and leadership,

To quote Ray Mears “Every man, women or child who visits wild places by whatever means will benefit from Bushcraft knowledge” that’s where South west Survival comes in, to teach you the fundamental skills and more, to confidently survive and find shelter, water, fire and food.

Welcome to southwest survival

...never be scared to walk alone.

Here at South west Survival we are dedicated to giving you the best possible experience in real life survival skills and bushcraft training.  You will learn how to adapt and overcome and use what nature has to offer, not just surviving but thriving in your environment and living in comfort. 

So, if you love the outdoors and would like to learn, improve and practice bushcaft and survival or any of the other courses we have on offer then give us a call or email and let us get you back to nature.

We offer a range of realistic courses starting with a basic introductory to Survival and Bushcraft through to advanced Survival courses and expeditions as well as our Bushcraft course's and walking tours of Dartmoor most of which are run on weekends. 


We also cater for groups, corporate, private and the MOD. Familys and children from the age of seven are most welcome (people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a paying adult) and all our instructors are CRB cleared.